The Aleos are among the oldest races in the Galaxy. Their historical records date back over 25,000 years.
They are the first known race to venture out into the Galaxy in search of others. They are also considered the founders of the Alliance.

Ara, the Aleos home planet, is an extremely hostile and dangerous place. The forests outside the cities were filled with predators. To help them survive in such an environment, the Aleos evolved with a very special ability. They can project a phantom image into the mind of a predator forcing them to attack the hallucination. Although this technique doesn't always work, it does give the Aleos an advantage on the battlefield.

In 2519, Dera, the biggest R&D company on Ara, managed to harness the deception ability of the Aleos and integrate it into their ships. The power consumption needed to amplify this ability is so massive that only the biggest ships can handle it. But this technology was still instrumental in the defeat of the Rok in 2520.

Concept Art by Phill Berry - Phill Berry Illustration