The Magnus was the pride of CerTech when it was first introduced in 2515. It was the most advanced and powerful Medium Dreadnought class ship. It was replaced in recent years by the Porthos, although some veteran captains say they still prefer the Magnus for its reliability.

Dreadnought class ship:

  • Max Speed: 50,000 Km/h at optimal configuration.

  • Max jump speed: 0.1 AU/sec (meaning it would take this ship 10 seconds to travel from Earth to the Sun)

  • Cargo hold: 64,000 m3

  • 9 turret hardpoints: - 2 Beam

                                           - 3 Ballistic
                                           - 2 Launcher
                                           - 2 Plasma

  • One power core: 10,000 KW.

  • Standard AI with 6 channel FTL communications.