The Krey are a plant based life form that evolved from Krey Brella on Kasul.
Kasul is a planet devoid of all insect and animal life. leaving the plants to spread over the entire surface of the planet.
According to their history logs, the first of their kind came into existence approximately 3,000 years ago. They lived in perfect harmony with their environment.

In 2016 The Kasul sun showed signs of instability. Having no solution to such a problem the Krey looked to the stars as their only chance for survival. 4 years later began the mass exodus of the Kery from their home-planet. In 2021 the Kasul sun went Supernova and obliterated the Krey home-world.
After 7 years of searching they found a new planet to call their home, and they named it Vriana (New Hope). With their advanced terraforming technologies, they transformed the barren wastelands into lush forests and gardens. But with a new planet came new 

dangers. The predators were relentless in their attacks on the new settlements. The Krey were forced to develop weapons and new defense technologies, bringing them into the military industrial age.

First contact with the Krey was made in 2520, shortly after the Rok war had ended. By sharing their terraforming and agricultural technologies the Krey were quickly recognized as advanced and peaceful and were accepted into the Alliance in 2523.