The Chosen Linux Demo

Download and play the single player Linux version demo of The Chosen.


1. Download the archive and un-zip to the desired location.
2. In the game folder, find "The Chosen.x86" file.
3. Right click it and select Properties.
4. Tick the "allow execution" box.
5. Run the game.

If you don't wish to install the demo, you can still see part of it in the gameplay video.

  • RAM: 2GB or more.

  • Graphics card: GeForce GT 610.

  • 3GB of disk space.


Due to the nature of the build there may be more bugs in the Linux version of the demo.

  • The Voice Chat with NPCs will NOT work in Linux, because it is based on the Windows API. We currently do not have the resources to write new voice recognition software for Linux that works with Unity.

  • There may be issues with things run by C# scripts. As C# is a Windows programming language it may not translate well to Linux.

I truly apologize to the Linux users, and I promise that this will NOT be an issue with the full game. Being a one man team I have my limitations, and being completely unfamiliar with Linux there is only so much I can do in such a short time.

And if you like what you see, why not: