Concept Art by Phill Berry - Phill Berry Illustration


Heras revolves around a massive star making it a very inhospitable place. The Lur'eyan lived under the planets surface.

They evolved without eyes as living in constant darkness would have made them useless. Instead they developed a limited range internal sonar.
Once their technology has evolved enough (roughly 700 years ago) and because of extreme population growth the Lur'eyan government decided to expand their cities to the surface of the planet. Giant thermal domes were built and the cities were expanded.

During the construction of the domes the workers were attacked by the various predators of the surface. After close study of their biology it was quickly understood that these predators had a distinct advantage over their limited range sonar. At that point Serah, the most advanced tech company of the Lur'eyan, were contracted to develop ocular implants to level the playing field against the surface predators. In 1999 the first volunteers received the implants and were the first of their species to see the stars above their planet. Until that point the Lur'eyan had no knowledge of the fact that there was anything beyond their planet. From then on, every newborn of the Lur'eyan receives the ocular implants at 5 weeks after birth.

150 years later they took their first step in outer space travelling to the closest planet to their own, Rame. 75 years later they made first contact with the Aleos and in 2254 the Lur'eyan and the Aleos formed the Alliance.