Pre Alpha Demo Terms and Conditions

          By sending your information via the signup form you agree that you will not to share your serial key/download link and/or any other given methods of downloading and playing the demo to any other persons in ANY way shape or form, be it written, oral or via any other communication methods.

          Doing so will result in an immediat removal of access from the Pre Alpha Demo and possibly a permanent ban to any and all future content related to The Chosen.

          The user also understands that this is an EARLY ACCESS PRE-ALPHA DEMO, and may be prone to glitches and/or bugs, and if any are found during gameplay, the user is requested to send a bug report via the website Bug Report page.

          No profit can/should be made from the PRE-ALPHA DEMO of The Chosen Phase One by the user in the form of resale, granting game access to others for money or through any other such process. Monetary gain via YouTube videos howerer, is acceptable (related to Let's Players and video reviews).

          Let's Play and review videos/articles are allowed.