The Rok are a warrior race. Big, strong and surprisingly adept at tactics and strategy. Their home-world is Votrala.

Almost 600 years ago the Rok were one among 19 different populations on Votrala when the peace between them shattered. The Rok did not start the war but 200 years later they ended it. Being a generation born out of war and violence, the defeat of the last of their enemies was not enough to quench their blood lust.

In 2469 when the Aleos discovered Votrala and made contact, the Rok altered their historical records to trick the Aleos into sharing their space flight technologies. It only took them one year to build their first fleet of warships and engage the Aleos in open war. This act of treason and violence took the Aleos completely by surprise, and by the time they could react, the entire envoy sent to Votrala was destroyed.
After almost 50 years of war with the Alliance, a new generation of Rok were starting to make their voices heard. Public acceptance of the war on Votrala was steadily declining.

When the Rok were defeated and pushed back to their home-planet in 2520 a short civil war toppled the Votrala government. The new leaders concentrated their efforts into rebuilding their now mangled planet and opening diplomatic talks with the Alliance. In 2610, after 90 years of negotiations the Rok were allowed to once again leave their home-planet.

Things have been quiet the last 83 years, and the Rok were even invited into the Alliance and the Chosen, having proven that they can and have indeed changed.

Concept Art by Izaak Moody - Izaak Concept Art Illustrations