There are three types of shuttles:

  • Light

  • Medium

  • Advanced

Light Shuttles:
Light Shuttles are the smallest 1 person ships available. They are equipped with standard jump engines, usually reaching a max jump speed of 0.03 AU/sec or
4 487 936.12 Km/sec (2 788 674.22 miles/sec). They are not meant to be used for long range flight. They are, however, usually used as fighters (when equipped with weapons) or as an emergency escape pod from a larger ship. Most large ships have a docking bay capable of accommodating a max of 4 light shuttles.


Medium Shuttles:
Medium Shuttles are approximately 1.3 times larger than the light shuttles. they are equipped with the same type of jump engine, but their larger power core allows for longer jumps between charges. They are usually used as short range bombers. They can have a crew of two, and take up two spaces in a shuttle hangar.

Advanced Shuttles:
Advanced Shuttles are the largest and most expensive ships in their class. They can accommodate a crew of 4. They have no jump capability, but these advanced ships are equipped with a groundbreaking technology that allows them to break through any ships shields when they are under 35%. Having this tech equipped makes these ships invaluable in a fight. They are most commonly used to infiltrate enemy ships and destroy them or take them over from the inside.
Advanced Shuttles can only be bought on the black market but are extremely expensive. Most commanders prefer to manufacture them on board their ships for a fraction of the cost. They take up four spaces in a shuttle hangar.