The Chosen Phase One In Development!

Despite the setback of the Indiegogo campaign, I've decided to go forward with developing Phase One of The Chosen.

About Phase One: Build, fly, fight!

You will get to build you very own custom ship from scratch. You decide where each module goes, and what features your ship has. Strategically place your armor, shield generators and weapon hardpoints to accommodate your own play style.

Phase One will be a match based multiplayer game. Two teams of 10-20 players hashing it out in their custom built ships in epic space and ground battles. Each standard match will have 2 parts:

  1. One team will be attacking and one will be defending a certain planet, with the environment around the planet being generated at random.

  2. If the attacking team manages to break trough the defenses of the other team they will get the chance to attack the defending teams ground base. If successfully taken, it will offer a substantial bonus in XP and credits.

Other game modes will include:

  • Capture and hold.

  • Hunter (still in concept stages).

  • Team death-match (attrition).

I will be posting images of the current progress of Phase One in a few days on our Facebook page and on the website.

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