The unit "Strikers" was established in 2517 as an elite battle unit during the Rok war. This unit had soldiers from every Alliance race, and it played a vital role in the defeat of the Rok.

After the war, the unit was dissolved, but the idea behind it lived on in the soldiers.
In 2525 the unit was reborn in the form of the group now known as The Strikers Corp. In the last 150 years the group has grown significantly and is now at the forefront of every discipline: Economy, Exploration, Warfare, Diplomacy, Science and Manufacturing, by having as it's members only the elite of the galaxy. Having permanent contracts with the largest corporation from every major race, the group is also the wealthiest in the Galaxy. Unofficially the members of the Corp are called The Chosen.

In recent years a startling discovery has been made. Some of The Chosen were not who they appeared to be. Some of the groups members turned out to be leaders and soldiers in gangs, organized crime, and even a terrorist group that call themselves "The Light". Most of these members were found by their former peers from Strikers and were jailed for the remainder of their natural lives.

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