The Nexus is a network of wormholes that connects the various regions of the Galaxy. It was first discovered by the Aleos giving them the ability to colonize and explore farther and faster than any race before.

A pilot has to manually navigate The Nexus to find new systems. Once a new system has been found the AI stores the path and it can re-create it automatically, so the pilot does not have to. Once a new system is found the commander has a choice: announce the coordinates of the new system, or keep it a secret.


To navigate the Nexus the pilot must interface with the ships AI to enhance his/her abilities (making time seem to slow down). This process can only be done once every 24 hours, for a limited time, otherwise the pilots neural system is overloaded and destroyed.
Neural upgrades are available in the black market for those who are willing to pay the price.


Accessing the Nexus can only be done via a Stargate. Before a pilot sets out on an exploration mission, they must make sure that they have a temporary Stargate in the cargo hold provided by one of the 6 major companies.
Once a new system is found, the temporary Stargate is deployed and it automatically send a signal back to the company with the coordinates of the new system. The company then moves in and builds a permanent Stargate, giving them control over the systems traffic.

When a commander signs a permanent Gate contract with a company they get to use their Stargates for free. Otherwise each time a Stargate is used the pilot is charged.